What is the average price point for merchant goods?
While every merchant decides on what price structure works best for their business and product, prices range from $10 - $500. Our average shopper spends $60-$100 per visit. 

Do you offer sales support?
We can provide you with access to a professional and well vetted network of salespeople for hire to assist with your shopkeeping needs. We happily provide recommendations based on your product category and can connect you directly.

What is the average customer foot traffic?
Daily customer foot traffic varies based on location, time of week, and year, but on average we range from 3k-6k+ shoppers per day/per market.

Do you have storage available?
Our Soho location has 4 storage spaces available for monthly rent. Merchants lockers are also available onsite at our locations in Soho and Chelsea, free of charge. Storage rental recommendations in surrounding A&F neighborhoods are available upon request.

Are your terms of rent flexible?
Nervous about locking in a long term agreement? Let's discuss your business goals and we can craft a plan together based on your needs.