Una Hats
Una Hats is a men’s and women’s modern meets vintage hats line emphasizing clean lines, graphic shapes, textures and patterns. Hats are hand blocked in a workroom by the beach in Los Angeles.

Celeste Korthase
Celeste creates intense, raw and bold paintings using repurposed construction materials and reclaimed wood for her art.

Nina Saronne
Nina Saronne rap embroidery combines the quaint and wholesome art of needle point with rap lyrics, creating a contradictory and hilarious result.

Luiz Eduardo Leonardi 
Luiz Eduardo Leonardi is a painter inspired by architecture, design, and technology. Whether using canvas, paper, cardboard or wood, he transforms images from the internet with different layers, tints and distortions to create a whole new piece of art. 

Brown Bag Books
People still want books. Need books. Enjoy books. Collect books. Brown Bag Books has been bringing used, quality reading material to the greater Southern California area for six years and counting.


Flea Market Girl
This line's jewelry pieces combine raw minerals, semi precious stones, bronze, leather, and brass metal. The combo creates an array of looks from edgy to dainty, expected to make the quintessential “flea market girl” feel confident in her own style.

I Must Draw
I Must Draw specializes in quirky paper goods, namely greeting cards which are printed hand drawn sketches from the imagination of Desiree B. the accessories line features Oh so cute wood engraved magnets, gift tags and pins.

Olde Good Things
One of the largest inventories of unique items perfect for those who are looking for original architectural details for their building, design, and decorating endeavors.

Stella Neptune
An eco-luxury line of upcycled, high-quality cashmere sweaters, iron-on patches, and accessories. Simplicity, originality, and humor drive our style. We reclaim, recycle and reinvent to bring to reflect the social conscience of the fashion conscious one sweater at a time.


We Move Vintage
We Move Vintage is an artist collective dedicated to bringing you the most diverse collection of vintage and non vintage items around. Their main goal and objective is to help individuals create and enhance the style they are trying to achieve.

Zugo Liquitarian
Zugo is LA's premiere Liquitarian truck. They cultivate fresh, locally-sourced when available, fair-trade, and, of course, 1,000,000% organic fruits and vegetables for custom juices, smoothies, elixirs, coffees, and teas.


Lustered Walnut
We make artisanal home goods using reclaimed and local materials in a Southern Californian 100% solar-powered shop.


Shahrzad Ghadjar, is a New York native now LA based drawer, editor and do-er of visual art. 


Axelhoney                                                       Axelhoney is a unique art and jewelry brand, on a mission to inspire you to live a joyful life filled with beauty, love and imagination.


Diana Joy Jams
Vintage Hits from the 80's & 90s.


My work explores the tense intersection of the organic by the industrial, and particularly the consumption of one by the other. Each piece goes through my hands, and all jewelry is cast in either New York City or Los Angeles and hand-finished by me.


Madeline Chadwick Handbags
From her studio in Los Angeles, Madeline Chadwick designs beautiful handbags inspired by her love of music and art. The brand seeks to contribute to the beauty of human artistic achievement through the medium of fashion.

The Creature Den
The Creature Den creates animal-inspired decorative pieces that are simultaneously functional and aesthetic. All pieces are individually hand-crafted from original sculptures by GP Mauro Designs and come in a variety of finishes and backgrounds.

La-La Land Prints
Kii Arens is an artist bent towards Rock-N-Roll. Never formally trained, this St. Paul native grew up with a fascination fo
r album covers, band logos, and font styles. His ar gallery, La-La Land in Hollywood, was established in 2004.


Lo and Chlo
Lo and Chlo is a one woman operation run by Lauren Rodgers and motivated by her chunky pug Chloe. She makes a variety of handmade tees and unique jewelry. 

Luke Hobbs Design
Luke Hobbs is a Los Angeles-based artist who specializes in lighting, furniture design and fabrication. Luke has developed a fascination with industrial, vintage, and eco-friendly design; often repurposing pieces and incorporating some reclaimed materials in his designs. 

Blossom Vintage                                             Blossom Vintage was born from a love for travel and all things vintage and travels as a mobile shop in a 1970 Safari Airstream. The shop sells American and Asian vintage from around the globe.

Swing Dash                     
Swing Dash makes handmade leather and canvas bags from Los Angeles.

Bare Bones
Bare Bones combines ingredients made from scratch with others that are sourced from organic and/or local suppliers. All products are vegan and not tested on animals.         

A Zillion Dollars
A Zillion Dollars is a collection of comic art prints and witty accessories, including stationery, hand painted ceramics, canvas bags, handmade magnets, and other miscellaneous fun stuff. 


Fair Season
Your destination for one of a kind vintage and denim accessories. Each vintage piece is carefully selected; most are reworked. Our denim accessories are made from vintage remnants in DTLA. We are stylish, sustainable and timeless.

Janjoon Jewelry
The Janjoon Collection is inspired by spider webs, architecture, antiques, spices, trees, metals, clockwork, Puzzles, bones, Greek Mythology, Astronomy, and Pottery just to name a few...

BTWN WIND & WATER is a handcrafted leather goods and jewelry brand devoted to simple elegance. The meaning behind BTWN WIND & WATER comes from an old nautical term "to be at the most vulnerable state." The designs are inspired by creative, strong and stylish people. 

The Bearded Bowtie
Sophisticated woodworking by a modern craftsman for people who appreciate functional art -The Bearded Bowtie handcrafts live edge furniture and creates custom marquee lights, sure to complete any home.

HellHound Vintage 
Located in Hollywood, California, & descended from gypsy roots, Hellhound Vintage  travels the U.S. specializing in rare vintage artisan pieces from mid century to the 1970's. Inside their shop, you'll find vintage & hand-crafted treasures, many with past lives, all with good vibes.


Hanna Hayes Designs
Vintage-inspired clothing line with a modern twist. Pieces are one of a kind or reproductions inspired by garments from the '40s, '50s and '60s. Designs are constructed to embrace the womanly figure and named after people who have influenced Hanna’s life and creativity.


RitaYma Jewelry
Handmade, edgy, contemporary designs with semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and fine silver metal clay.


Mason Grace Jewelry
A collection of simple and delicate hand crafted jewelry with a touch of edginess.

LuTume is a company that creates unique pots and figurines that are perfect for your home. These special pieces are handmade in the U.S, but inspired from around the world. 


Petal Punch Shop
Add a flower garland for a pretty touch to any room or event! Designer Courtney Wellington makes custom designs upon request.  

The Tie Haberdashery 
The Tie Haberdashery carries vintage neckties and bowties from the 1920's to the early 1990's. All are authentic vintage items originally from their family's private vintage collection.

Farmer's Belly 
Farmer's Belly is a food truck with 100% organic produce delivered fresh, every day, from a variety of farmers. 


Axelhoney                                                       Axelhoney is a unique art and jewelry brand, on a mission to inspire you to live a joyful life filled with beauty, love and imagination.


The people of Tintypebooth aim to share their interest in tintype photography with the world. They use vintage photographic techniques and materials in a kit that allows them to process these unique photographic artifacts in any location.

The Gypsy Bazaar
Defined as a traveling beauty marketplace, The Gypsy Bazaar roams through various locations to set up their "pop up" tent with services like: Hair, Makeup, Henna and Nails.

Urban Geometry 
Geometric brass wall hangings and planters, made by hand in Los Angeles.

Chelsea Mabel
Chelsea Mabel parlayed her childhood love of chilis into a business that creates novel blends of herbs and spices to celebrate the diverse ethnic flavors of Los Angeles.

Peri is an earth-conscious clothing line inspired by nature, using fabrics and trims that are organic, biodegradable and recyclable using low-impact dyes and processes.

Hollywood Fodder
Bracelets, necklaces, rings and hand-wrapped cuffs in brass and sterling.


Betsey Carter Ceramics
Building on the traditional vessel form, Betsey's process incorporates literary passages, images, and references to historical ceramics, thus taking the work beyond the domestic sphere while retaining links to functionality.

ANDROGYNY started as a line of jewelry designed by a guy and gal who believe that gender isn't just black and white, but a spectrum. Hand-crafted in our Los Angeles studio using the ancient method of lost wax and other non-traditional methods.



Beautiful Things LA
Beautiful, handmade accessories delivered to your Los Angeles neighborhood on a vintage Bluebird Bus.

Jorge is a Los Angeles based self taught Pop Abstract Cartoonist Painter and Photographer. With the paintings that he has created, he wants the viewer to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Making a simple statement to his audience.

Marley & Alfie
Never being satisfied with the selection of jewelry out there, Cindy decided to start making stylish, dainty and fashionably functional arm candy. What started out as a line of modern layering bracelets has progressed into hip and modern home decor.


NO&YO is an outdoor adventure clothing brand inspired by the exhilarating life style of the outdoors. Their brand is designed for explorers, travelers and adventurers to wander & get lost…on purpose.


Paradigm Design 
Hand-forged rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs.    


The Library Store
Shop this carefully curated collection of fun and eclectic gifts and goods, and give back to your community. All proceeds benefit the los angeles public library.

Vintage Addiction
Vintage Addiction is a brand of high-quality costume jewelry, ladies’ handbags, furniture, and home accessories. Their designs include vintage- inspired creations and repurposed design salvaged from their travels.


Trendy and Tipsy
Trendy and Tipsy provides customers all the latest affordable fashion, vintage, and restored one-of-a-kind Last Call vintage pieces.

Hand-poured soy candles made using only recycled containers. Hand-tied labels are marked according to the batch and candle number in which each was poured, making each candle unique.


Biological Jewels
A collection of nature inspired jewelry and sculptures. Handmade in Los Angeles, California.

Morgan Patricia Designs
Jewelry pieces created with hands, heart, & soul.


Brooklyn Charm
Williamsburg’s premier jewelry and jewelry supply shop for custom designed jewelry and supplies where makers, hobbyists and fans can handpick individual charms, beads, chains and more and have one-of-a-kind jewelry assembled on the spot.


Kahoy Kollection
Kahoy Kollection is a high-end travel-leisure eco-eyewear brand with a line of vintage-inspired sunglass and optical frames. Kahoy wants to bring a modern, earthy twist to a vintage and familiar frame that is lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

Brock Daves Photography
Brock Daves is a beautiful landscape photographer who focuses on capturing nature up close and personal.